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Friday Doodle Club Spotlight Artist Interview - Francesca Watt

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Little Unisaur Books very own Francesca Watt was interviewed by the fantastic team at Friday Doodle Club about all things art on the lead up to the release of her latest book, The Crafty Chameleon. Read the full interview here or head over to for the full interview including extra illustrations.

We have another artist spotlight for you today! We had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful Francesca Watt aka @francescawattauthor (Instagram handle)

Hello! Please can you give us a brief little introduction about yourself?

I’m Francesca and I live with my little family near beautiful Cannock Chase in Staffordshire where I write and illustrate picture books. When I’m not busy writing or drawing you will find me reading, playing Lego with my boys or adventuring in the forest and swinging on tree swings!

What inspires you?

My children are a constant source of inspiration, being out in nature and just life in general. If you take time to look, inspiration is everywhere, especially when you can transport yourself to a place of viewing it through your childhood eyes.

What is your favourite thing to draw?

I love creating fun and endearing characters. My new book, The Crafty Chameleon features some of my absolute favourites. They are a really quirky and wonderful bunch and were so much fun to draw, although tough at times. I definitely find humans easier but it’s good to challenge yourself, that’s one of the reasons I love Friday Doodle Club!

What art goals do you have for this year?

To continue to improve and push myself forwards. To keep learning and to get working on the illustrations for my next book!

What techniques/supplies do you use?

I’m a digital girl! I absolutely love Procreate! Getting my IPad really was a game changer for me. It just offers so much freedom to explore and try new things without worrying about mistakes or not liking something a certain way. I can ‘try on’ colours and add or remove layers of texture and try different techniques. I think it allows me to be bolder with my choices because if they don’t work I can easily undo them.

What advice would you give to another doodler/artist?

Just draw. The more you draw the more you will improve. Your style will evolve over time but don’t be afraid to share your journey even if it’s not perfect to begin with. I love seeing the work of other artists and there’s such a wonderful, supportive community online, especially on Instagram. Just step out of your comfort zone, be brave and remember to have fun with it. If you want to illustrate books, look at and read as many as possible from the genre you’re interested in. It will help you to learn. What did they do well? What would you have done differently? How did they use colour/ texture/ light/ layout? There are some wonderful courses online, or you could even try to illustrate an existing book in your own style. It’s one of the best ways to learn and practice if you don’t write too.

Where can people go to learn more about you or see more of your work?

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook as @francescawattauthor.

My next picture book, The Crafty Chameleon will be released into the world August 2021.

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