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Celebrating Young Talent!

Here at Little Unisaur we're passionate about building self-esteem in children. What better way to do that that to celebrate when they achieve their dreams? Well, at just 6 years old, the son of our very own Francesca Watt has done exactly that! He has written, illustrated and independently published his very first wonderfully funny picture book, 'Arian and The Monster'.

The blurb reads:

Arian loves his monster, but you can't take a monster to school! What will he do?

Arian uses his problem solving skills to try to come up with ideas of how he can take his monster to school without the teacher noticing. You'll laugh out loud at the different disguises they try, and the ending is just wonderful! This young talent has a bright future ahead of him!

It's already made such a splash with 5 star reviews on Amazon. Harrison has also been featured on several bookstagram pages and has proved to be a huge inspiration to other young writers and illustrators. He's already working on his next book and we can't wait to read it!

Huge congratulations from us Harrison!

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