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Brand New KID ZONE!

Check out the brand new, Little Unisaur Books KID ZONE! Dedicated to bookish fun, crafts, read-aloud videos, games, silly stuff and competitions, plus all of your wonderful photos and pictures!

New stuff will be added weekly, so make sure you check back often to join in the fun.

Just released, two new games based on the Top Secret book series created by my awesome boys!

Grandpa Wizard's magical potions have come to life! Help him to grab them all, but be careful not to get zapped by the evil, dancing skeletons!

A spooky game by Sebastian Watt based on the book, 'My Grandpa is a Wizard' by Francesca Watt, with artwork from the book.

Poor Granny Alien is stuck in space being blasted by other species. Help her to collect all of her portal pieces so she can get home to earth and bake some of those yummy cakes!

An out of this world game by Harrison Watt based on the book, 'My Granny is an Alien' by Francesca Watt, using artwork from the book.

A must view is the brilliant read-aloud of All in a Flap by the wonderful Cazzy Zahursky from Circle Time Books. It's reached 12K views on YouTube and is available with all of my other book videos for your kids to enjoy in the KID ZONE. Check it out here:

I look forward to sharing lots more bookish fun with you and your kids. Remember to subscribe to the Little Unisaur Book Club to keep up to date with cool new stuff!

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