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Little Unisaur Books is an exciting new imprint dedicated to creating humorous and engaging, picture books that encourage open discussion regarding empathy, self-esteem and growth mindset.

We offer a variety of free teaching resources and activities to compliment the books for use both in the classroom and at home. Simply sign up to our newsletter to receive free printable resources delivered straight to your inbox.

We can also offer wholesale discount to schools and shops. Please email us for further details. 

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Author - Illustrator

When she’s not building Lego baddie lairs with her boys or searching forests for magical trees and secret underground worlds, Francesca can be found drinking endless cups of tea as she writes and illustrates her much-loved picture books from a comfortable corner of her home in Staffordshire in the UK.


Francesca is passionate about creating inspiring stories to make both children and parents laugh out loud, whilst encouraging important conversations around improving mental health and growth mindset.

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